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Full-Service Auto Repair

Full-Service Auto Repair allows you to hire an ASE Certified Automotive Technician to do the work you don't want to do.

Classic Car Restorations

Great care, detail, and skill are important considerations during classic car repair, restoration, and modification work.

Auto Repair Bay Rental

Auto Repair Bay Rental provides do-it-yourself car repair enthusiasts a way to safely work on repair projects.

Performance Auto Parts

Performance auto parts make the most of restoration and modification projects. It's definitely more fun!


Located in St. George, Utah, Rent & Repair is a locally-owned and operated
self-service auto repair shop where customers can rent bays to do their own auto repairs and maintenance, as well as modification and restoration work.
In addition to self-service repair options, there are mechanics on staff for hire to carry out repair and maintenance work, if that is preferred.
Classic car restoration is a common self-service activity on the property and one in which the Rent & Repair staff specializes.

Restoration Characteristics

Restoration Characteristics

Auto restoration projects require proper planning during disassembly and a balanced consideration of part refurbishment and replacement.
Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair

Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair

By renting self-service auto repair bays, Rent & Repair offers a convenient and affordable alternative to sending your vehicles into expensive auto repair shops.
Early Model Auto Repair
We have welcomed an extensive community of classic car enthusiasts looking for mechanics who will take good care of their repair and modification needs. Our skill and attention to detail provides our customers with an appealing and satisfying service.
Late Model Auto Repair
While late model maintenance and repair projects can be carried out through our self-service offering, we also have an ASE Certified Automotive Technician on staff to carry out the work you would prefer not doing yourself.
Affiliations and Partnerships
We have developed relationships with local businesses that operate out of our facility. This has become a win/win opportunity for our affiliation, as well as our customers through the additional services offered. These services are not permanent and periodically change.


Automotive Repair Bays

Enjoy auto repair bay rentals, onsite assistance, lifts, and professional grade tools for reasonable rates!

Specialty Tools

We offer a wide range of professional tools, as well as specialty tool and equipment rentals to complete a variety of projects.

Paint Booth/Body Shop

Semi-down draft paint booth and body shop are available for daily rental. Paint and tool supplies are available for sale.

Mitchell 1® ProDemand®

Access to Mitchell 1® ProDemand® online repair manual service is included in bay rental for all vehicle makes and models.


We have been privileged to undertake some rewarding restoration projects that have led to life-long friendships and a number of loyal customers.
We have discovered a high demand for restoration expertise in the St. George, UT area.
We are excited to meet that demand aggressively with the expertise and urgency expected by our customers.

1957 Ford Fairlane 500

1957 Ford Fairlane 500

The second generation of Ford's Fairlane model lineup began in 1957 with the introduction of several variations of the Ford Read More
1956 DeSoto Firedome

1956 DeSoto Firedome

This elegant '56 DeSoto Firedome classic from the "Fabulous Fifties" was more than a great find for the owner. This Read More
1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Through a cooperative effort by The Mark of Excellence Bodyworx, Ron Gunderson, and Nicholas Jensen, this 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Read More
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There are opportunities to do right for our auto complex customers and partners every day.
We welcome the privilege to support up-and-coming businesses while giving all honor and glory to God.

From the beginning, one of the motivating forces toward our vision for Rent & Repair has been auto repair safety, specifically with do-it-yourself projects where safety is often overlooked. One area of concern is with the improper use of jacks and jackstands. Severe injury and even death have resulted from jack equipment failure over the years. Our facility is equipped with 14 lifts, which accommodate 9,000 lb. vehicles and 2 lifts, which accommodate 12,000 lb. vehicles allowing our do-it-yourself mechanics to more safely access the undercarriage of their vehicles and eliminating the need for jacks and jack stands.

Speaking in terms of Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, people are the unbalanced forces acting upon an otherwise stationary, underutilized, and lifeless mass of opportunity. When people act upon opportunity, it takes on new and exciting forms of personal, professional, and spiritual progress and success. The ability to orchestrate a series of well-defined goals and improve the process of selecting self-motivated people through which opportunity can translate to success is an important focus of the Rent & Repair organization.

Our company culture evolves and changes based on the people with whom we work and associate, which is why we are so engaged in surrounding ourselves with employees and partners who are committed to excellence personally and professionally.
Principles: Our business develops through the cooperative and exceptional efforts made by ordinary people. We believe the following principles are the fabric of our organization: Treat others with love and kindness...co-workers and customers define our reputation; put forth a consistent effort toward personal and professional improvement; continually refine the company's purpose and the quality of our offering; honesty nourishes progress; maximize the potential of every company resource; be willing to share input and ideas.
Values: We have witnessed a direct correlation between obedience to our spiritual convictions and the prosperity and progress of our company. This evidence has provided peace and hope as we pave the way toward the establishment of a blooming new industry throughout the country of auto complexes offering self-service auto repair and other related services.
Mission: Rent & Repair, LLC strives to help each customer: Develop more self-reliance; develop more self-confidence in their ability to maintain and repair their vehicles; feel valued and appreciated as our customer and as a person. By providing a safe, clean, uplifting environment and giving honest service with attention to detail, quality, and customer satisfaction, as well as having a little fun in the process.

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Auto complex offering classic car restorations and self-service auto repair, paint booth, and body shop bay rental.

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